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A personalized lovie blanket for babies makes a wonderful newborn or baby shower gift. Babies will love to snuggle with these lovey security blankets and will enjoy the soft touch of the fleece and satin material. Parents have relied on the Lovie brand of security blankets for babies for over two decades and they are one of our most popular items. Each lovey blanket can be personalized with one to three lines of embroidered text in your choice of font style and thread color to make a unique personalized baby gift.

Lovies are security blankets manufactured by Komet Creations. Komet Creations Lovies are made of fleece and satin and are approximately 24 inches tall and 14 inches wide at the base. The Lovies come packaged in a retail box.

Lovie Babies are baby security blankets manufactured by Komet Creations. The Lovie Babies are miniature versions of the regular Lovies and are approximately 15 inches tall and 8 inches wide at the base. Lovie Babies have embroidered eyes and nose, and come packaged in a poly bag.